UN Declares 2017 As International Year Of Sustainable Tourism For Development

Submitted by techyboy on Sun, 01/01/2017 - 13:39

UN (United Nations) Organization headquartered at  Manhattan, New York, was formed after the world war 2 to promote peace, human rights, social security and environment friendly policies among its member countries. UN also provides aid to famine and natural disaster hit countries. The organization is funded voluntarily by member countries.


Google Is Celebrating The Birthday Of Rain Coat Man - Charles Macintosh

Submitted by techyboy on Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:57

Google is celebrating the birthday of scottish scientist who developed water proof fabric. It is his 250th birthday anniversary. He lived in the period 29 December 1766 – 25 July 1843. He will be remembered forever as his invention lead to manufacturing so many products which show water repelling behaviour.


How To Choose Memory Cards for Best Performance and Price

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Mobile manufactures like Apple offer no option to extend the storage using memory cards. Same strategy is being followed by One Plus , Xiomi Mi5 and others. Choosing higher storage phones forces users to spend more bucks from the wallet. On the other hand most of the Android phones give users option to extend storage in the form of memory cards.


Restore High Speed After Reaching FUP Limit On BSNL Broadband

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The state owned BSNL is still the largest landline broadband operator in terms of number of working connections. Customers opt for various broadband plans to suit their speed and price requirements. BSNL now offers its new customers with Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 monthly plan with 2mbps till 1GB and 1mbps flat after the FUP ( Fair Usage Policiy ) limit of 1GB. 

Some popular plans from BSNL are as follows