Google Self Driving Car Is Now Under WAYMO |A Car Tech Company

Submitted by techyboy on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 19:05
Google Self-Driving Car

Google's Self Driving Car project started in the year 2009 which was applauded by all. Android OS was in evolving stage. In fact It was just the beginning of Mobile revolution that adopted android as backbone system by almost all devices. The project was ambitious and challenging. In a span of 7 years, Google mastered the self driving technology and want to operate it under an independent unit Waymo.

Google already tested the technology for 2 million miles using various vehicles. Toyoto Prius, Lexus RX450h and a Prototype Car by Google itself are the cars used by Google to test various roads, traffic conditions, climate conditions and real world situations to understand driving patterns. In 2014, Google designed a prototype vehicle as shown above with custom sensors, computer chips and steering technology without actually containing manual Steering and Braking system.

In 2015 the Prototype Car was driven on public roads of Austin, Texas and other towns. The car can detect pedestrians, Cyclists, Vehicles and roadworks from a distance of 2 football grounds and change its course and speed.  In 2016 after simulating over a billion miles, Waymo was born as a separate Self Driving Car Technolgy Company.

Hope to see Waymo licensing its technology to Cab Companies, Food Delivery Companies, Logistic Companies and many other and become a Jewel in Google Group just like Android.

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