Hero Electric Flash e-Scooter Launched At Affordable Price Of Rs. 20,000 | Mileage 65 Km Per Charge

Submitted by techyboy on Sun, 02/05/2017 - 06:51
hero electric bike

Hero Electric is a pioneer in the electric two wheeler industry with 12 years of experience in modelling and manufacturing electric bikes. It has a manufacturing plant with State of the art technology at Ludhiana and its corporate office at New Delhi. Here Electric released a new bike FLASH under the price range Rs 20,000. For riding electric bikes, license is not required. Also registering the vehicle is not required. Pollution check is not required as it runs on Battery which does not emit anything at all.

Hero Flash e-bike can run up to 65 Km in a single charge. Maximum speed is only 25 KMPH. It weighs around 87 Kg. Charging time is 7 to 8 hours. It comes with a VRLA battery of 48V 20AH which is maintenance free. Other features include Alloy Wheels, Telescopic Suspension and Under Seat Storage.

Other higher end models like Hero Photon and E-Sprint require registration as speed is more than 25 Kmph and price varies from Rs.40,000 to Rs. 48,000. E-Bikes are almost maintenance free and cheaper to operate. Per Kilometre cost is 45 Paisa only. Electric Charging Points may not be available outside like Petrol Pumps for every 1-2 Kms. So better charge your e-bike during night time for a comfortable tomorrow's ride. People should consider buying electric vehicles to reduce the usage of conventional fuels like Petrol and Diesel. Even big companies are investing so much on hybrid and electric vehicles to cash the upcoming trends and markets.


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