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Good News For Navodaya Students Aspiring for IITs, NITs - Samsung is providing Star Scholarship for 300 Students

Submitted by iphoneuser on Tue, 08/15/2017 - 22:48

Following the success of the first edition of ‘Samsung Star Scholar’ program in 2016, Samsung is bringing in more cheer for engineering aspirants.The country’s biggest consumer electronics company, Samsung, is offering 150 fresh scholarships to engineering students this year, taking the total number of scholarships offered under the program to 300.The scholarship of Rs 2 lakh a year are for students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools, who have cleared the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced to qualify for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or National I


Google News Gets New Look For Uncluttered Reading Experience | News Cards and Labels Categorise News

Submitted by techyboy on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 07:41

Millions of users visit Google News daily to know latest news on various categories like politics, entertainment, technology, sports, science, health, business and world. Instead of visiting a dedicated news website, user comes to Google News to see feeds from various websites shown at a single place for easy browsing and reading experience. News is shown in the form of Cards. Menu looks like Android Menu.


Massive Cyber Attack Hit Europe, Ukraine and UK Hard Resembling WannaCry or WannaCrypt | Seems Windows PCs Are Not Patched In Advance

Submitted by techyboy on Tue, 06/27/2017 - 22:33

Hundreds of countries may have been affected with a Ransomware Cyber Attack on Tuesday. Ransomware attacks a PC, encrypts users files including photos, audio, video and other documents and prompts user to pay some Ransom to decrypt the files back. There is no guarantee that the attacker sticks to his promise of unlocking the files. Ukraine is badly hit as computers in Government offices are hit with this new type of Ransomware. Some security companies predict this as Petya Ransomware.


Samsung Partnered with Google Play Music to Enhance the Mobile Music Experience for users

Submitted by iphoneuser on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 11:00

Never before has music been more ingrained in our lives than it is now, in the mobile era. To help consumers more easily discover, enjoy and share music on their favorite devices, Samsung has partnered with Google Play Music, a music and podcast streaming service and online music locker.


Aadhaar Card Is Compulsory To Stay More Than 182 Days In India

Submitted by wall-e on Fri, 04/14/2017 - 06:41

The Government of India said about Adhaar card that any person staying in India for more than 182 days must have Aadhaar card.  Also they have to pay domestic Income Tax. The CBDT( Central Board of Direct Taxed) has released a Statement about this issue. In India Aadhaar is mandatory for most of the things like PAN card applications, submitting Income Tax Returns and compulsory in Banking, Vehicle Registrations etc.


Nokia Collaborates With Airtel And BSNL To Set Up 5G Network Connectivity In India

Submitted by wall-e on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 07:27

A complete Multinational Communications and Information Technology Company Nokia is partnering with Indian Global Tele-Communications Services Company Airtel and Indian State Owned Tele-Communications Company BSNL to introduce 5G networks in India. Nokia has announced about this partnership in the last month. The main aim of this is to bring 5G internet in India. 


Samsung introducing recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices as refurbished into market

Submitted by iphoneuser on Fri, 04/07/2017 - 20:51

Samsung Electronics has established three principles to ensure that Galaxy Note 7 devices are recycled and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

First, devices shall be considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable.

Second, salvageable components shall be detached for reuse.

Third, processes such as metals extraction shall be performed using environmentally friendly methods.


MobiKwik Integrates Google Play Payments, Recharge Google Play Account To Buy Apps, Games, Music and Movies

Submitted by wall-e on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 18:09

MobiKwik is a popular App mainly used for making payments through mobile phone.  Customers can add money to the online wallet that can be used for making payments. Now it is associated with Google Play. Customers can add balance to their Google Play accounts directly from their MobiKwik wallet which can be used for buying / subscribing games, articles and watching movies. Users who would be using MobiKwik services for the very first time can avail 50% SuperCash by using the Code: PLAYNEW. And existing MobiKwik users can avail 15% SuperCash by using Code: PLAY.


WhatsApp Is Planning To Include Digital Payments , Starting From India

Submitted by wall-e on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 11:34

WhatsApp is one of the best app for communication between different persons.  Now WhatsApp is planning to enter Indian digital payments market. Whatsapp has about 100 crores of users through out the world.  In that 20 crores of users are in India. This is the main reason Whatapp is trying to include digital payments system into the app. It is not known whether Whatsapp is coming with another Payments Bank Solution / Wallet or a simple Money Transfer Feature using USSD or UPI services. 


Pepsico Getorade appoints P.V. Sindhu as a Brand Ambassador

Submitted by wall-e on Tue, 04/04/2017 - 07:54

Pepsico's Sports drink Getorade has appointed Shuttler P.V. Sindhu as a Brand Ambassador. She is the first Indian Ambassador for this product. Getorate India Plans Sindhu to work with Getorade Sports Science Institute. Getorade will help Athletes from the de-hydration. This product contains Carbohydrate, Electrolytes and also have good flavour. It can help during Sports time. Getorade is not a carbonated drink.