8 Tips to fight cold and cough this winter season

Submitted by techyboy on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 22:50
Steam Cup

Tip#1 : Turmeric Milk (Haldi Milk)

Prepare Turmeric Milk by adding one spoon turmeric in a glass of hot milk. Stir it well and drink when it is hot. Turmeric has got anti bacterial property that fights infections on sore throat. Use jaggery instead of sugar to cure Cough as well fast.

Tip#2 : Drink Honey + Lemon + Warm Water to get soothing effect. Honey has anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties. Honey can be used instead of sugar in tea, milk, coffee and in some bakery foods.

Tip#3 : Drink as much warm water as possible through out the day to keep your throat and body hydrated.

Tip#4 : Steam Therapy. Boil water in a kettle and add some drops of Eucalyptus oil. Keep your face towards the kettle and cover yourself along with kettle using a blanket. Breath in the steam gently with your nose. It relives congestion and blockages instantly. Do this twice a day to recover fast.

Tip#5 : Your body fights against flu causing virus and bacteria better when are under rest. Stressing and straining your body slows down recovery process as energy is wasted in daily activities instead of curing illness.

Tip#6 : Even if you are hungry do not eat so much. Eat less. Take only hot foods. When you catch cold, your digestion system does not work at normal pace. So do not burden your digestion system.

Tip#7 : Tulsi Leaves. Eating 2 to 3 Tulsi leaves daily boosts immune system over a period of time. It prevents colds as well.

Tip#8 : Ginger Tea. Cut a piece of ginger into tiny pieces and add it to boiling tea. Enjoy sipping hot ginger tea sitting in veranda. Ginger has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties.

At last do not roam outside during fog without covering your head with some woolen caps.


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