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hair brush

Nokia was a leader in mobile phone business till 2011. Nokia phones were present and used by customers all over the world with a premium feel. People considered Nokia Phone as a Phone from Good Company and anything which was not from Nokia as a Junk. When Apple and Android Phone Manufacturers were busy testing and manufacturing touch phones, Nokia stuck with its Symbian OS which did not provide the new features required by touch phones. Even just before winding up of its mobile phone business, people expected Nokia to release Android Phones. Nokia sold its manufacturing plants and business to Microsoft. Even Microsoft is not able cashon  its mobile business which is evident from the sales figure.

Nokia-Siemens Networks is now Nokia Networks. Nokia recently finished acquiring Alcatel Lucent Networks. Now Nokia is a vendor for 3G, 4G and 5G equipement. nokia is busy deploying its 4G and 5G equipment in many countries. Recently Starhub networks in Singapore tested Nokia's 5G and achieved speeds up to 4.3 Gbps. Nokia Bell Labs is an R&D centre of Nokia. C language was invented at Bell Labs only.

HMD Global Oy is manufacturing Nokia branded phones. Nokia 6 is the very first phone in this season. Nokia 6 is currently not available in India. Nokia wants to maintain diversified portfolio. Nokia recently acquired Withings - A Healthcare Company. Some of its products are seen below.

Smart Hair BrushHair Coach

In collaboration between Kérastase and L’Oréal, Withings designed a Hair Coach that tells how healthy your hair is.The brush can analyse dryness, breakage, damage and tangles and gives how gently to comb your hair. It will be released soon in 2017 itself.


 A smart Thermometer that measures body temperature in an easier and simpler way. Just keep it on temporal artery. You get reading. There is no need to clean it and it can be carried easily in travel bag.




It is an alarm clock, music player and a smart light that gently varies in brightness to make you sleep or wake. Aura works with streaming music apps. A sleep sensor pad is available separately which can be paired with Aura to analyse your sleeping patterns. Just keep the pad under your bed. It observes even small movements when you are not in deep sleep. You can check your stats on a smart phone.

nokia aura


It is a device that can operate lights, thermostats, doors and can work as a security camera. You can see live video of your home from anywhere using a smartphone. HOME is compatible with Apple HomeKit.




Just stand on this Scale to know your body composition like fat, tissue, muscle and water. Cardio enabled Scale can measure Heart Rate and Pulse Wave Velocity ( Blood speed ). You can obviously see your weight on scale. All readings are transferred to your phone and shown as a graph for easy tracking of your progress.



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