EERO From Qualcomm Intelligently Manages Your Home Wifi Using TrueMesh Technology | Price

Submitted by techyboy on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 07:26
eero wifi device

Qualcomm introduced an intelligent Wifi sharing and extending device called EERO. EERO works better in multi room and spacious environments by hopping your wifi form one EERO to other and using TrueMesh and MIMO ( Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology. EERO works with existing cable modems and DSL modems. Just plug it into Ethernet port. Subsequent EEROs can be plugged any where in the house as it needs only Wifi as input to broadcast.

This little device comes with state of the art technology to secure your wifi network. Updates are automatically pushed to the device so that EERO always has the latest firmware. EERO comes with more memory and power to push wifi to every corner of house. EERO works with Amazon Echo also. You can pause network access for example when dining or during bedtime simply using voice commands. Parental controls are also provided. Just download EERO app to program your device.

Qualcomm is pushing its limits by entering into various fields and changing the ways people use technology. Snapdragon Flight Drone Platform is one such thing. Qualcomm is even working with some Driving Technology to enable auto automobiles to communicate and drive safely.

EERO is priced at $199. Bundled offers are also available in stores.

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