LG Releases New OLED TV With Ultra Thin Screen Winning 2017 CES Innovation Award

Submitted by techyboy on Sat, 01/14/2017 - 06:00

LG, a South Korean Electronics company recently released OLED TV which is the thinnest till date with exceptional features. As advertised, LG says it is next level of TV or Future of TV. This model has won 2017 CES Innovation award as well. You  can not resist watching TV as its 4K display topples your expectations.

Movie directors and critics are hailing the TVs immersive picture quality and sound. Sound System is designed by Harman / Kardon which is not quiet common for TVs. This OLED TV offers infinite contrast as the pixels are self lighting which turn off completely to give full contrast and vivid pictures. Screen thickness is very less as there is no electronic circuitry for back lighting of pixels or screen. This feature alone scores maximum from critics as there will be less protrusion from wall.

HDR videos can be better watched on this OLED TV. Price range starts from 2.7 Lakh to 17 lakh rupees.

Additional details can be found here at LG OLED TV Lin.

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