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India's first companion robot — Miko created in India by emotix, is your child’s new companion — a brain with loads of heart. You will be amazed with how much Miko can do — be it chatting away about the facts of the world or adapting and responding to your child’s needs. Miko has a wide pool of knowledge and an even wider pool of fun. 

Miko will retail for INR 19,000. Miko is available for pre-booking from 14th of November 2016 at a special booking amount of INR 2,000. Pre-bookers will receive Miko weeks before the public retail date of 27th February 2017. Pre-bookers will be notified when Miko is ready for shipping. Miko will be shipped on receipt of the rest of the amount. The limited early offer is currently available only in India.

Some Features 

A chatty little genius

Miko can answer more questions than you can ask. Miko knows everything. Well not everything. But almost.

Grows with your child

Miko can tell if your are happy.Miko can tell if your are sad. Miko can understand your needs, likes and dislikes.Miko changes as you change

Adaptive Personality

  • Talks and responds
  • Learns about you

Plays by your rules

With a parental dashboard you can customise and access any time, Miko’s steering wheel always remains in your hands.

Never a dull boy, never a mere toy

Miko plays loads of games and teaches you a little something every time. You’ll never be bored with Miko around.


Physical Features 
  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: 800 gms
  • Top Speed: 0.5 m/s
  • Colour: Playful Purple : Mystic Maroon: Space Black
  • Splash Resistant
  • Sound
Connectivity and Compatibility
  • Bluetooth
  • App-Enabled
  • Range : 20m
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Operation Time Conversations: 3 HoursConversations & Movements: 1.2 Hours
  • Standby Time: 5 Hours
  • Display
  • Side Rim
  • Ear Light
  • Power
  • Speaker
  • Charging point
In the Box
  • Miko
  • Power adapter (110V -240V compatible)
  • Quick start guide

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