Samsung Launches New range of Home appliances like Solar-Powered Refrigerators, ACs That Cool 43% Faster

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Samsung India today launched a new line of refrigerators and air conditioners that are tailor-made for Indian conditions. Samsung’s new refrigerators run on solar power, while the new range of air conditioners cools 43% faster.

The new refrigerator and air conditioner range combines great design and advanced technologies, enabling faster cooling, power conservation and durability.

Solar power compatibility in the new line of refrigerators will go a long way in energy conservation, in line with the government’s efforts to promote solar power.

“Consumers are looking for energy efficient products, and our new range of refrigerators and air-conditioners has been designed to suit their needs,” said Mr. Rishi Suri, Director of Samsung India’s Consumer Electronics Division. “At Samsung, we listen to our consumers and develop meaningful innovations that make their lives better.”

New S-Inverter Air Conditioner

The new S-Inverter air conditioner range, introduced in the affordable luxury segment, is based on India specific customer insights. Refrigerators in this range have been designed to consume less power and produce exceptional cooling comfort.

The Digital Inverter range is equipped with world’s first 8-pole motor, ensuring faster cooling performance of up to 43%. This range consumes lesser energy as compared to conventional air conditioners.

The entire New S-Inverter range will come with BEE ISEER rating.

For increased durability, the outdoor unit’s DuraFin™ is corrosion resistant as compared to conventional PFC. The large condenser unit and optimized refrigerant flow enable the refrigerator to endure extremely hot outdoor temperatures of up to 52°C.

Samsung air conditioner range comes with a new Voltage Protector feature. Best suited for India, these air conditioners with Voltage Protector can handle voltage fluctuations from 146V to 290V ensuring worry-free operation. In addition, they also improve the look of homes as there is no need to install an external stabilizer.

All 1.5T and bigger Samsung air conditioner models come with highly efficient twin BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor) that reduces variation by 40%, when compared to the conventional compressor. Twin BLDC compressor increases reliability, reduces noise and provides longer product life.

Samsung AC range comes with the trend-setting new Magnolia floral pattern.

Smart Convertible Refrigerators

Samsung smart convertible refrigerator is the first of its kind in frost-free category to run on solar power as well as on home inverter, giving convenience of cooling and freshness to the consumer during power cuts.

The smart convertible range also comes with features like Power Cooling Mode and Power Freeze Mode that help reach the target temperature in 31% shorter time. The twin cooling system avoids mixing of odours inside the compartment. Vegetables and fruits are stored at optimal humidity level by releasing moisture cyclically.

The digital inverter compressor optimizes usage by minimal wear-and-tear and extends the life of a refrigerator by over ten years. With low noise level, the smart direct cool refrigerator can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 100 volts to 300 volts. The new range of refrigerators comes with two new floral patterns: Rose Mallow and Magnolia. Star Flower and Tender Lily are the other shades available in the market.

Direct Cool Refrigerators

Samsung smart refrigerators are equipped with advanced compressors that come with digital inverter technology. They can run on solar panel with zero consumption of power. They can also operate on home inverters to provide uninterrupted service during power cuts with a cooling retention of nine hours.

The fridge automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand and is equipped with up to 7 compressor RPM that makes precise adjustments to cooling performance and maximises freshness of food.

The premium range of direct cool refrigerators come with clutter-breaking designs of door and handle. The three handle designs are Island, Bar and Bar Chrome. For the door, Elegant Crown and Grande enhance the aesthetics.

Price and Availability

Smart Convertible Refrigerator is priced at INR 27,250. The mid-segment range begins from 253L and has multiple sizes up to 670L.

Smart Digital Inverter Direct Cool Refrigerator starts at INR 14,900. The products range is from 192L to 230L and will be available across key markets.

S-Inverter, Digital Inverter Technology based Air Conditioners are priced between INR 35,900 to INR 66,600.

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