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Sony's new projector let's discover a new dimension to daily life. Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch does more than put on a show. It turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into your an interactive screen. It makes your surfaces come to life. It has Proximity sensor for automatic powering on from sleep mode. It has approximately one hour usage in continuous video playback mode on battery, 10-point multi-touch input for projection at 23 inches, and also it can expand projection up to 80 inches with automatic calibration. To see the demo video click here

Discover a new dimension to daily life

Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch does more than put on a show. It turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into an interactive screen. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

Turn your table into an arcade


From action packed adventures to your favourite board games, Xperia Touch1 turns your table into an interactive game zone for the whole family.

Transform you counter into a cookbook


Scroll through your recipe app as you bake, or plot a route from your dining table using map applications. With W-Fi connection, Xperia Touch lets you surf and explore like never before.

See your living room as a cinema


Watch your favourite video content on a screen as large as 80 inches. Stream directly from apps or connect to your devices.

Make your wall into a message board


Keep notes for yourself, and keep track of the family with an interactive message board. Or keep in touch with loved ones through chat and video apps.

Tap into a world of apps


Xperia Touch is connected to the world of Google Play. Swipe through a recipe app, project your chat or keep up with your favourite vloggers. Whatever you like on your tablet or phone, is bigger and better when projected.

Xperia Touch Technology


Intelligent. Perceptive. Responsive. Xperia Touch doesn’t just show images, it responds to you and your touch. Built with the latest Sony intelligence, it’s a portable projector that’s easy to use and remarkably smart.

The magic touch


Infrared Touch Ready to swipe through a photo album or play a multi-player game on your coffee table? Xperia Touch combines infrared light array with 60fps camera capture to turn a flat surface in your home into a 23-inch touchscreen.

Knows when you’re near

Proximity sensing, Xperia Touch automatically turns on when it senses your approach. Use it as a message board by the front door to keep everyone informed. Or set it up as a wall clock that appears when you’re in the room.

Xperia Touch Design


Sophisticated in function and form: Xperia Touch manages the impossible. It’s packed with state-of-the-art technologies yet impressively compact and elegant in design. It’s lightweight and understated, to move seamlessly into any room of your home.

Small-scale innovations


This lightweight, compact body boasts top technologies – miniaturised. Xperia Touch includes Sony’s unique SXRD short throw projection unit and strategically-placed two-way stereo speakers for rich sound.

Premium touch

Xperia Touch is made from the highest quality materials. The perforated metal finish feels premium and looks at home in the most design-conscious settings.

Maximum functions. Minimalist design.

We’ve designed all the controls to lie flush with the metal body, so Xperia Touch acts hi-tech but still looks sleek.


Memory and storage
  • Memory: LPDDR3 3GB
  • Storage: eMMC 32GB, microSD slot
Operating System
  • Android N
  • 932g
  • 69 x 134 x 143 mm
  • Approximately one hour usage in continuous video playback mode
  • Mic
  • Accelerometer*2
  • e-Compass
  • GPS
  • Gyro
  • Ambient light
  • Barometer
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Human detection
  • Wi-Fi: 11 a/b/g/n/ac (SISO)
  • Miracast sink
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • NFC
  • USB Type-C
  • HDMI Type-D
  • Projector System
Projector System
  • SXRD three primary colors LCD shutter Projection System
  • 1366x768
  • Auto Focus
Projection size
  • 23-80 inches
  • Laser Diode
  • 100 lumens
  • 4000*1
Main camera
  • 13 Megapixels
  • LED
  • Touch Control using IR sensor, 10 point multi-touch
  • Two-way Stereo Speakers
  • USB Power Delivery 15V


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