5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone

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Buying smartphones are not something alien to us, yet we find so many buyers confused about choosing the right gadget for themselves. Whether it’s a new smartphone or a flagship ruling the market, choosing between a wide range of smartphones can be confusing and to make this decision process easy for you, here we are with our 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone. We will give you some simple pointers which you need to consider before buying a new smartphone, and it will keep you from making any bad purchase.

1. What Do You Need from Your Smartphone

Unbeatable camera? Long battery life? Utility? Or just everything? Everyone has different needs when it comes to the smartphones, and unless you are looking for all-around performance, you can buy non-premium smartphones at meager prices. Decide what you need out of your smartphone and use filters on the shopping websites to find the ones you need. Make sure to look for offers on such sites as you can always get discounts on the phones. With Cyber Monday Discounts you can even get all round flagships at slashed cost.

2. Your Budget

This should be something that you already know. Keep an expected budget in your mind before buying a new smartphone and find the best phone in that range. Smartphone price range varies from Entry Level, Budget Smartphones, Mid-Range Smartphones, Flagships and Premium Smartphones. Depending on how much you would like to spend, research about the phones and choose the one that you find best. Mostly, phones in any price range are good enough to become your daily drivers, but as you up the price range, extra features like a great camera, or modularity keep adding to the smartphones. If you are looking to buy a premium phone without spending much, then watch out for the Best Buy Offers for discounts.

3. Which Operating System Are You Into?

Major platforms to choose a smartphone are Android and iOS. While iOS is only handled by the Apple, you can find an uncountable number of choices to buy from if you choose to buy Android. The decision is based on your personal preference, but if you are up with a low budget, we would recommend you pick an Android smartphone as your daily driver. If you switch your mobile platforms, then it will hardly take you a day of playing around with your device, and you will get used to it. Also, all the major apps on iOS are also available on Android so that you can switch anytime without second thoughts.

4. How Often Do You Change Your Phone

If you are looking for a smartphone that lasts for years, then choosing an iPhone will be your safest bet, as you will get regular security patches and OS updates. The devices from the Apple are known to get quick fixes for vulnerabilities and bugs, so if you want your smartphone to last long, keep iPhone on top of your priority list. Androids are not popular for getting regular updates, but if you are looking for an Android phone that can last for 3-4 years, choose high-end flagships, Pixel Phones or the Phones running on Android One project.

5. After Sale Service

It is highly unlikely that your region would have quality service centers if you have chosen a brand that is new to the market. Choose your smartphones from a brand that has already established in your region so that if your smartphone happens to get damaged during the use, then you can get it fixed without any hassle. One more advantage of the established brands is that, even out of warranty, if your phone gets damaged, the local repair shops are familiar with such phones and can repair them at low service charges.

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