How to Force Reboot Nokia Phone Once It Becomes Unresponsive

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unresponsive android phone

HMD Global made it possible to reintroduce Nokia Android Phones last year. In all durability tests Nokia has once again prove that its phones are built like a tank. Like most of the Android phones, Nokia phones also freeze or hang at times. This unresponsive behaviour frustrates android phone users. Simply force reboot nokia phone for a fresh start. It is also called Phone Soft Reset.

Reboot Nokia Phone

Nokia phones come with only three buttons namely Volume Up, Volume Down and Lock / Unlock buttons. Long Pressing the Lock button works like a Power Button too. To force reboot nokia phone, Press Volume Up Button + Power Button simultaneously for about 15 seconds. Some times, it takes more or less time. Do this till the phone vibrates. This is the only safe and fast way to reboot your nokia android phone without losing or erasing data.

You can follow the same rebooting procedure for all Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 phones.

reboot nokia phone

Causes of Android Phone Hanging Issues

Android Phones can be divided into three categories based on Price and Hardware. These are 

  1. Low End Android Phones
  2. Mid-Range Android Phones
  3. High End Android Phones

High End Android phones usually do not suffer from hanging or low performance issues. These phones are equipped with more RAM, good Processor and Good Storage. Also High End Android phones receive patches and updates to solve all performance issues.

Low End Android phones come with less RAM ( 1GB or so), less Storage and a weak Processor. So these phones experience hanging issues. User can not do anything with these phones other than Uninstallling useless apps.

Mid Range Android phones initially work smooth and responsive. As the user installs more and more apps, phone starts to slow down. Even its internal storage will be filled with downloaded images, videos and other files. Whatsapp like Messaging apps are the root cause of reduced Storage space and Hanging issues. You need to delete whatsapp sent images every now and then.

files go by google

Do not break your head thinking how to delete whatsapp photos permanently. You can install Files Go By Google app to periodically delete images stored by Instant Messaging Apps. No need to Reboot Nokia Phone if you properly clear your internal storage and unwanted apps.

You can consider Factory Reset Samsung Phone too if required.

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