Mi VR Play Is The Virtual Reality Headset To Be Released Soon

Submitted by techyboy on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 20:06
mi vr play

XioMi is rolling out variety of electronic gadgets one by one in India. It started with Redmi line of phones with killer specifications keeping rate tag low. It gained momentum with Mi4, Mi5 and MiMax. Meanwhile Mi thoughtfully released other gadgets into the market like Mi Band1, Mi Band 2 with HR Monitor, Mi Air Purifier, Mi Headphones, Mi Led Lights and Mi Bluetooth Speakers.

Basically this VR headset is much like Google Cardboard with Carboard App compatibility. You can download the app from Android PlayStore. You can watch 360 degree videos from Youtube itself. Google Cardboard app allows recording of Panorama Videos and Photos which can be watched using VR headset.

The headset is made of light weight Lycra with two way zippers to hold the phone firm. It can hold Phones ranging from 4.7" to 5.7". Most of the phones sold in the year 2016 fall in this category. So it supports almost all new phones.

So wait for next Flash Sale on Mi.com and get your headset for Play.


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