Moto M Is The New Series From Motorola | M for Metal

Submitted by techyboy on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 22:13

The Moto M wraps a full-metal body around a 13.97cm (5.5) Full HD screen. The Moto M’s sharp, unusual design makes it one of the best-looking smartphones around. It is the new lineup of phones expecting from Motorola. It is a powerhouse with blowing specifications.

It comes with 4GB RAM and an Octacore Processor for ultimate performance. Open apps, games and anything and everything. Phone will be smooth as boasted by Motorola. Its inbuilt 32GB / 64GB storage is more than sufficient as people started preferring streaming media to stored media.

It is said that it come with 10W charger for fast charging. Motorola has chosen 3050mAH battery only as higher capacity batteries increase the phone size, weight and design constraints. As usual, the Phone is splash proof with nano coating to stop droplets to enter.

It comes with a Finger Print Sensor which will soon become a standard way for making online transactions for authentication. So choose your next mobile to contain FingerPrint Sensor. Its Audio department makes a better choice by opting Dolby Atmos Speaker technology for crystal clear sounds. 16/8 MP camera captures good photos with CCT Dual Flash technology.

Moto M will be available on Flipkart from December 14, 2016 23:59:00 for Rs. 15,999 only.

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