Nokia Answers 360 Degree Video Shooting Problem With Nokia OZO That Brings Virtual Reality To Life

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nokia ozo

Nokia has become a buzz word after its announcement of Nokia Smart Phones through its licensee HMD Global Oy. People are searching for Nokia phones daily for specifications, price and release dates. Nokia with its expertise in innovative technology, is creating new devices for connected lives. Last year, Nokia acquired Withings, a smart health care firm that manufactures Smart Hair Brush, Cardio Monitoring Devices, BP Monitors, Smart Thermometers are a few examples.

All technology firms are doing R&D on virtual reality devices for producing 360 degree videos and watching it on suitable VR Headsets. This is where Nokia pioneers. Nokia OZO is the answer for creating 360 degree videos with 360 x 360 surround sound. The OZO camera is meant only for content creators like TV Channels and Movie Production Units. Nokia claims OZO is the worlds first professional virtual reality camera.

Nokia OZO comes with 8 cameras and 8 microphones that combines all 8 video streams and 8 sound inputs to create a single 360 degree video. The device looks as if shown in some science fiction movies. OZO software enables buyers to take control of post production works. Nokia OZO partnered with Youku, a Chinese Digital Entertainment firm to create and distribute 360 VR content on its platform with 1.1 billion views daily. OZO Player SDK (Software Development Kit) enables App developers to create apps that can play VR content on multiple platforms like Oculus Mobile/GearVR, SteamVR, Google VR for Android and iOS and more.

Nokia OZO is prices at $45,000 which is way more for a normal smart phone buyer. Its accessories are also costly. Digital Cartridge with 45 minutes of backup costs $1500. Media Module with 500GB of storage is around $2500.

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