Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Program Replaced 96% of 3 Million Devices Sold

Submitted by techyboy on Fri, 02/03/2017 - 06:09
samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung had taken a historical decision of calling sold Galaxy Note 7 phones back for replacement. Galaxy Note 7 fire incidents started to get reported from September 2016. At several places, people are forbidden using Note 7 phones. By the time Samsung had taken decision to replace, already 3 million devices were sold. Finally Samsung halted manufacturing Note 7 devices and called buyers of Note 7 for replacement. Samsung replaced almost 96% of Note 7 s as remaining 4% were not taken by owners to replacement kiosks setup by Samsung.

With this bold move, Samsung has proven to the mobile community that it is ready to take never before taken decisions by any other phone manufacturer to respect customer money and faith on Samsung. Samsung had conducted tests on as many as 2,00,000 devices and 30,000 batteries with 700 engineers to know what went wrong. Third Party analysis by three industry experts were taken for observations. Finally it is battery that is causing all fire problems in Note 7 devices.

Samsung changed its checking process for quality standards. Eight Point check has been introduced to check batteries. Battery Advisory Group also has been formed with experts, academic students and others to get insights about battery technology time to time. 

Samsung sales are almost same before and after the incident. Samsung is a leader in manufacturing Memory Devices, Processors, Displays, Home Electronic Devices and others. People are confidently buying Samsung J5, J7 series phones and High End phones like Galaxy S7 Edge. Companies with Customer First approach flourish a long way.



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