Slash Of Surface Pro 4 Prices Indicate Release Of Upcoming Surface Pro 5

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surface pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a beautifully crafted tablet with a kick stand. Surface Keyboard on the other hand compliments typing needs easily without weighing much. Keyboard cover also protects Surface screen. Microsoft revenue on Surface Pro Tablets is on increase year on year indicating its adoption by public all over the world. Surface Pro is a successful device lineup by Microsoft after its XBOX Gaming Console Lineup. Prices of Surface Pro 4 are dropped by 20% in all models.

Surface Pro 4 comes with 12.3" PixelSense display which can sense 1024 pressure levels. Its Full HD display along with Surface Pen is a wonderful companion to art designers. Artists love to use Surface Pro Tablet to draw. Latest 6th generation Intel Processors give Surface Pro abundant power to render graphics. Software Professionals can do work from home using this tablet. Just attach Surface Keyboard to turn the tablet into a full fledged Laptop.

Tech pundits often compare Surface Pro Tablets with Apple Mac Books. In last 4 years, Microsoft invested so much in R&D of the tablet which is paying back now in the form of positive response and sales figures. Its price point keeps the tablet at a premium range, as students can not afford to buy it.

So the price drop is linked to the release of Surface Pro 5 which rumoured to come with 4K display, USB Type C Port, Intel Kaby Lake Processors and even wireless charging.

1 4GB, 128GB, INTEL CORE M 81599 63890 22
2 4GB, 128GB, INTEL CORE i5 92999 73990 20
3 8GB, 256GB, INTEL CORE i5 120000 96890 19
4 8GB, 256GB, INTEL CORE i7 144000 119490 17
Price is in Rupees ₹.


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