Unlimited Offers From Mobile Companies Till Now | Reliance Jio Effect

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All Telecom Companies in India are chanting about Unlimited Offers after witnessing Reliance Jio customer penetration with Free Voice and Data Offer. Reliance Jio already announced extension of its free offer from Decemeber 31, 2016 to 31 March 2017.

To attract new customers and to retain existing customers all telecos are announcing unlimited voice and data plans unwillingly, sacrificing their profits and operating margins. Customers are also thinking in the same way. If his friend is enjoying free offer from other operator, he thinks why he can avail same by using existing offer from same tower company or by switching to some other.

In a desperate move, telecos announced wonderful offers. All plans are going to benefit end users without doubt. With a simple observation, we can know that all operators kept their plans at nearly same price tags. . State run BSNL also introduced similar plans.


Operator Recharge Amount 4G 3G Validity
Vodafone to Vodafone 148 300mb 50mb 28 days
Vodafone to ALL 348 1GB 50mb 28 days
Airtel to Airtel 149 300mb 50mb 28 days
Airtel to ALL 349 1GB 50mb 28 days
Idea to Idea 145 300mb 50mb 28 days
Idea to ALL 345 1GB 50mb 28 days
Aircel to ALL 249 500mb 50mb 28 days
Docomo to Docomo 103   50mb 28 days
Docomo to ALL 148   500mb 14 days
Docomo to ALL 246     28 days
Docomo to ALL 298   2GB 28 days
Docomo to ALL 348   5GB 28 days
BSNL to BSNL 139   300mb 28 days
BSNL to ALL 339   1GB 28 days



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BSNL Prepaid Mobile Call Detail

Once in while, people feel need of getting prepaid mobile call details for good or other reasons. For postpaid mobile numbers, getting call records is easy. Just log into Telecom Operator's website to check your bill, plan info, call records and other details. To get call history of Prepaid numbers, you need to give a written letter to the respective authority. Here we show you procedure to Get BSNL CDR ( Call Detail Records ) without even visiting BSNL office.

You do not need internet to see call history of your prepaid mobile number. Send an SMS in the following format. First SMS format shows you only one Call Record. Second SMS format shows you all last 5 call records.


to 123



to 123


'LAST' result looks like this.

Your Last Call: CallType= OG-Call CallCost= 0.60 INR CallDuration=59 sec CallTime= 20/08/2017 09:25 CalledNumber= xxxxxxxxxx CallVolume= 0Bytes

'LAST5' result looks like this.

Call Record 1: CallType= OG-Call ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Call Record 2: CallType= OG-SMS ------------------------------------------------------------

Call Record 3: CallType= OG-Call --------------------------------------------------------------------

Call Record 4: CallType= OG-Call -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Call Record 5: CallType= OG-Call ------------------------------------------------------------------------


To check your call details online, just login to BSNL selfcare portal BSNLSZPREPAID website and follow the our instructions.