Airtel Payments Bank crosses 1,50,000 savings accounts mark in West Bengal

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Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank reached another milestone in West Bengal by successfully opening 1,50,000 bank accounts. Almost 70% of accounts were opened in rural areas contributing to financial inclusion in the state. Also Airtel has around 21000 retail points across the state which act as banking points for deposits and withdrawals.

Airtel also announces tie ups with leading retail outlets/ chains like Spencers, Khadims, Manyavar, Bazaar Kolkata, Aarambagh Foodmart, Bhojohori Manna and Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick to name a few.

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Airtel payments Bank’s bouquet of innovative and convenient services include: 

•  Digital Banking: Quick and paperless account opening using Aadhaar based e-KYC. This requires no documents at all, only the customer’s Aadhaar number is needed. 
•  The customer’s mobile number will be his/her bank account number
•  Interest rate of 7.25 % p.a. on deposits in savings accounts, the highest in India
•  One minute of Airtel mobile talk-time for every Rupee deposited at the time of opening a savings account. 
•  Money transfer to any bank account in India (Free money transfer from Airtel-to-Airtel numbers within Airtel Payments Bank). 
•  Free Personal Accidental Insurance of Rs. 1 Lac with every Savings Account. 
•  Easy deposit and withdrawal facility across a wide network of Airtel retail outlets. 
•  USSD and IVR in 12 languages for non-smartphone customers. 
•  An online debit card in partnership with MasterCard.



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