Tricks to Identify Real and Fake Rs 2000 and Rs 500 Currency Notes

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With several complaints and rumours about "fake new notes" of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 denominations, there is some wariness among the people as the notes come into wider circulation.

However, the new notes not only have several security features difficult to counterfeit, there are many ways the users can verify if the notes are genuine.

The touch and feel of the notes can be used for this. The seven "bleed lines" on the side of the Rs 2,000 notes, and five lines on Rs 500 notes are in raised printing or intaglio. The security thread in both the notes changes colour from green to blue at different angles.

Also, the numeral 500 and 2,000 on the right side also change colour when seen at different angles.

These can be easily identified by any user and are very hard to counterfeit, according to experts.

The new notes have changed colours. While the Rs 2,000 note's paper is in magenta, the Rs 500 note is in stone gray.

With some simple tricks, you alone can find whether the newly released 500 and 2000 currency notes are original or fake.

The Rs 2,000 note is part of the Mahatma Gandhi (New) series, with a motif of Mars orbiter Mangalyaan on the reverse. Size is 66mm x 166 mm.

Other features of the new Rs 2,000 note are as follows

Front side features

  • The denominational number 2000 can be seen when held against the light.
  • The latent image of denomination number can be seen on the back of the note.
  • The numeral 2000 will be written in Devnagari script.
  • A portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre.
  • On the left side of the notes, there will be micro letters of RBI and 2000.
  • There will be windowed security thread with inscription Bharat, RBI and 500 or 2000 with colour shift.
  • RBI emblem is placed right and the RBI Governor’s signature with promise clause.
  • Watermark of Mahatma Gandhi and electrotype of 2000 watermark.
  • On the number panel, the numbers place small to big order on the top left and at the right bottom.
  • The Ashok Pillar is on the right.

Reverse side features

  • On the left side, you can find Year of printing of the note.
  • And also the Swachh Bharat logo at the left.
  • Language panel towards the centre.
  • A motif of Mangalayan which covers most of the note.

The new Rs 500 note size is 63mm x 150mm and note is smaller in size than previous one.

Front side features

  • See through register in denomination numeral
  • Latent image of the denomination numeral
  • Orientation of Mahatma Gandhi's portrait changed
    Portrait and electrotype watermarks
  • Number panel with numerals growing from small to big on top left and bottom right sides
  • Features for visually impaired like circle with Rs 500 in raised print on the right

Reverse side features

  • Swachh Bharat logo
  • Red Fort image with the Indian flag
  • Circle with Rs 500 in Devnagari on the right

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