The VOLTERMAN - World's most powerful Smart Wallet Ever

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Azat (CEO Volterman Inc.) lost his wallet several times, then he started to think about developing an easy way to find it.He felt the need even more when his 3-year old daughter hid the wallet behind the stove. He thought that it was lost, and spent more than a month getting the documents inside reissued! He started to search the market of smart wallets, but all the smart wallets had only a Bluetooth tracking within 20 meters. This remains the case today and all this led to creating the world's most powerful wallet, named Volterman, with revolutionary features and stunning design. All Volterman wallets are RFID Protected against data theft and water resistant.Volterman wallet Only 0.43 Inch (11 mm) thickness and weighs only 0.26 lb (120g).This wallet comes with a price of $149 and Buy this from indiegogo website.


Now, one thing you always keep close will assist you more than ever


  • Built-in Power Bank
  • Distance Alarm System
  • Thief Detector Camera
  • Global WiFi Hotspot
  • Global GPS Tracker

No More Dead Batteries


  • Built-in Power Bank to fully charge your smartphone on the go.
  • Extremely lightweight and thin.
  • Works both wirelessly and with a hidden cable.

Never Leave Your Phone or Wallet Behind


  • Bluetooth Alarm System to notify you every time you leave your wallet behind.
  • Get notifications when you forget your phone behind as well.
  • Push the button on the wallet and your phone will ring, even on a silent mode.

No More Expensive Data Roaming


  • Wi-Fi Hotspot will ensure you have internet all over the world when traveling.
  • The internet cost is up to 3 times cheaper than roaming.

Know Who Opened Your Wallet When It’s Lost


  • There’s a tiny camera in the wallet that becomes active only on a lost mode.
  • It will take a snapshot of who opened the wallet first and email you the pics.

Track Your Wallet Globally, Everywhere


  • Global GPS system secures you from thievery or losing your wallet.
  • Track your wallet globally in real-time, from Africa to Siberia.
  • It’s free – without any hidden charges or fees.

Extremely secure and Impact Resistant


PCB in all Volterman wallets is fully sealed with epoxide resin sealant which makes it secure and resistant to heavy weights, heating and water. Volterman Maker's said that we've tested wallets every way we know over the last two years — from carting them around constantly to driving over them. They're built to last!



Control your wallet on the go with Volterman apps for iOS and Android.

Wireless Charging


No need to remember to charge your wallet every time you go out. Simply charge it wirelessly with your phone. Volterman APP Control your wallet on the go with Volterman apps for iOS and Android.

What's In the Box


With every Volterman wallet you will receive 3 types of cables for Micro USBiPhone and C-Type connector phones and a cable to charge your wallet. All cables are made from certified producers and are attached to with magnetic connector, which makes charging easy and fun.





Ritesh pramod pote (not verified) on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:01

How to order in india this produck

Zubair alam (not verified) on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 00:46

I ordered 2 piece of volterman wallet but i not received which i ordered so its totally gake company....and there is no option of this site....

Prince (not verified) on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 16:23

As i have opened the parcel it was just a wallet ...without any features ...the parcel was sent by honeybees courier ...the scam of volter man u people are running it is wrong ...i have all the details and photography of parcel u have send...
I will take an action on thiz ...vill lodge a complaint on ur company .... thnx n reg : ASIF NASIR ALI ( ANTIPIRACY CELL IO )

Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:40

I like a wollet

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