How to Configure Free Email Account Bundled With Each GoDaddy Domain To Receive Emails

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free email account with godaddy

A website design should provide a way to the customer to contact the site admin for any query. These queries some times help the admin to fix any problems with webpage options. To maintain a professional email account with the same domain name, you need to opt for monthly and yearly email plans which does not please some site owners whose business is not dependent on email contacts. For example, websites providing information to users may not need to get in touch with users daily. You can get away with the free email accounts provided by Godaddy for each domain. You can configure one, without paying any bucks.

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Godaddy gifts up to 100 Email User Accounts with each Domain Purchase.

Steps to Create Free Email Forwarding Using Godaddy Domain

1. Log into Godaddy Account.

2. Go to My Products.

3. You can see a list of Domains owned by you.

4. Choose a domain and click on Manage.

5. You will be taken to Email Management Page. Simply Click on Create Forward Icon.

godaddy email center


6. Choose any fancy emailusername like You provide your existing gmail account or any under "To these email addresses" to receive the email sent to Plan is bundled with the purchase domain. Other options like Catch ALL, Auto Reply, Subject and Timings are also present.

configuring godaddy free email account


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