Microsoft decided to say Good Bye to MSDOS

Submitted by techyboy on Sat, 12/10/2016 - 15:39
ms dos

Microsoft decided to sidetrack its beloved first operating system,  MS-DOS. As part of its Insider Preview Builds of Windows 10, windows is offering Powershell as default by replacing DOS. MSDOS was famous in 1980s which is an Operating System Software developed by Bill Gates to run on Personal Computers(PC) supplied by IBM that time.

MSDOS literally changed Bill Gates' fortune to become Worlds Richest Person for many years. Almost all who settled in computer industry know the importance of MSDOS. It is used for managing files on a computer and to execute some scripts. Powershell on the otherhand is basically a scripting language with more than 9 years of industry acceptance.

Press WIN+X on your keyboard to see a menu with COMMAND PROMPT as one of its options. This Option will be replaced by Windows PowerShell option in future update. Even college students still use MSDOS to launch and use C, CPP and Java environments for their lab session.


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