How to Create Bootable Pendrive with command prompt

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Bootable Pendrive

Are you trying to install Windows OS from DVD or an ISO file you’ve downloaded from Microsoft website and your computer doesn’t have a DVD drive, don't worry. In this article we will explain you how to make bootable pendrive for windows 7 from iso file with out using any software tool, in simple and fast way. Bootable usb pen drive has several advantage as like easy formatting, easy copy and past of windows file and after that easy to installing windows. To create a windows bootable pen drive software, we will use the Command Prompt. Now we are discussing some important step to make bootable USB drive.

Advantages of Bootable Pendrive

•    Installing process through bootable usb drive is much better than DVD.
•    Easy to carrying.
•    Easy to handle and no need to expert.
•    Best option for all who haven’t DVD drive in his PC or Laptop.

Requirements to Create Bootable USB drive

•    Blank (empty) Pen drive with minimum capacity of 4Gb.

Step by Step Process to Create Bootable Pendrive


Plug-in your pen drive in Laptop.


Go to Start >> Type Cmd (in search program and file) [Press Enter]
After pressing Enter command prompt will open.
On your Caps lock


Type DISKPART [Press Enter]



Type LIST DISK [Press Enter]
It will show all available disk in your system. Disk 0 is usually hard disk of your system. In my case Disk 1 is Usb pen drive (This can be different in your case so plz make sure )


Type SELECT DISK 1 [Press Enter]


Type CLEAN [Press Enter]




Type SELECT PARTITION 1 [Press Enter]


Type ACTIVE [Press Enter]


Type FORMAT FS=NTFS Quick [Press Enter]
Wait Until 100% complete.


Type ASSIGN [Press Enter]


Type EXIT [Press Enter]
Now your bootable Pendrive is ready to use. To install Windows from a bootable Pendrive, we just need to copy the whole installation files contained on the DVD installer to flash drive. After copying all the file from media then inject all the drivers required, USB 3.0 driver, Intel rapid storage driver and AHCI drivers.
Simple steps to inject USB 3.0 driver on bootable Pendrive for Windows 7.
Follow the bellow steps:

  • Create an USB bootable key using Disk part as shown above and then copy the windows 7 media content to it.
  • Extract &  Copy the content of the attached (Download) into the root directory of the created USB pen drive:

Bootable USB drive

  • Run inject_driver.bat from the folder Win7_Boot on the USB pen drive by right clicking it and selecting "Run as administrator" to start the driver injection process*.

Bootable USB drive

A command prompt window will appear and show the results.

  • After a successful driver integration the console window should look like the following:

Bootable Pendrive

  • Now you can safely remove your USB pen drive.
  • Now you can install Windows 7 from your Bootable Pendrive.

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