BSNL Installation Charges for Landline, Broadband and FTTH - 2018

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bsnl installation charges of Landline, Broadband & FTTH

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited ) provides a number of different services to different customers across the country. BSNL the leading Landline and Wired Broadband provider in India. Though Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and  Idea provide 4G Broadband services, these come under wireless category. BSNL Installation charges are applicable for all available BSNL services.

BSNL Installation Charges 2018

The list of BSNL services include Landline, Broadband, Fiber To The Home - FTTH Internet, Cellular Mobile, Data Circuits to Banks, Internet Leased Lines, Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) wireless broadband, V-SAT Satellite voice & data services, Business Email in many languages, Wifi-Hotspots, Blackberry services, Centrex, ISDN data services and more. BSNL installation charges are different for different services.

BSNL Landline Installation Charges or One Time Charges

BSNL is the oldest Landline service provider. BSNL says Landline is convenient for long duration calls. There is no need to charge your landline phone. To give a landline connection, one dedicated copper cable pair is arranged between the customer phone and the nearest Telephone exchange. Hence BSNL used to charge One Time installation charge of ₹600 - ₹750 last year i.e 2017. But recently , BSNL made the Landline Installation charge as ₹0.

BSNL Land Phone Price

BSNL charges ₹600 as one time purchase of Landline Instrument or CLIP (Caller ID Phone) instrument.

BSNL Landline Safe Custody Charges

If you are going out of town and does not want to use the landline, it is better to change the landline plan to Safe Custody Plan which blocks all outgoing and Incoming Calls. It prevents misuse of landline. BSNL charges only ₹50 per month in Urban and ₹30 per month in Rural areas as Safe Custody Charges. Minimum period for availing Safe Custody Facility is 3 months.

BSNL Landline Shifting Charges

BSNL Landline shifting is free with in the same town or city. If you want external shifting of Landline, ₹300 one time charge will be added to the next month bill.

BSNL Landline Ownership Transfer Charges

You can always transfer ownership of you Telephone to either near relative or a third party with a minimum fee of ₹100 (to relative) and ₹500 (third party). In that case, your deposits if any need to be settled immediately.

BSNL Broadband Installation Charges or One Time Charges

BSNL Broadband is a high speed internet service provided on existing Landline wire. To get the internet, customer needs an ADSL Modem with RJ11 port or Telephone Wire Pin Slot. You can buy ADSL modems outside or from BSNL it self. BSNL has made Broadband Installation Charge or Modem Installation Charge as ₹0 recently. There are no more One Time charges to worry about.

Always choose a modem with Wifi facility and more than one Ethernet ports. Wifi enables you to simply switch on the modem without PC and enjoy internet in all of your Mobiles, Tablets and Streaming Android Smart TVs. BSNL ADSL Wifi Broadband modem costs only ₹1250. Actual cost of the modem without offer is ₹1500. If you take the Wifi modem as rent, pay only ₹110 per month. In that case, get ready to pay ₹500 as modem security deposit. You can purchase it outright or pay as One Time Charge in the first month bill. 

  ADSL Basic Modem ( No Wifi) ADSL Wifi Modem VDSL Wifi Modem
Price / One Time Charge ₹ 1400 1250 3250
Monthly Rent If opted ₹ 70 110 150


BSNL FTTH Broadband Installation Charges or One Time Charges

BSNL installation charges for FTTH Broadband is also Zero ₹0. However FTTH Broadband modem also called ONT - Optical Network Terminal is costly. ONT accepts Fiber Optic Input and Outputs electrical signal with an Ethernet Port. ONT is available with and without Wifi facility. It is recommended to opt for an ONT with Wifi feature. You get 5 years warranty on ONT for outright purchase. Cost of ONT modem Type A is ₹12000 and ONT modem Type B is ₹14,500. The ONT Type A vs Type B difference is in the Bridge Mode (Allows only one PC to connect) and PPP - Always On Mode (Connect any number of PCs).

Modem Type Cost in ₹
ONT - Type A ₹ 12,000
ONT - Type B ₹ 14,500

It is advised to take the ONT modem as rent as the ONT Modem prices may come down in next 2 years. Rent of basic ONT without Wifi is ₹90 per month and the rent for ONT with Wifi Modem is ₹200 per month. Installation of ONT modems is little bit tricky and you better call BSNL technician for doing it. FTTH ONT port forwarding is required to configure CC Camera in your Office or Business premises. Remember that BSNL installation charges for FTTH Broadband are waived off permanently.

ONT Modem Type Security Deposit For rental Rent per month
Without WIFI ₹ 500 ₹ 90
With Wifi Modem ₹ 1,500 ₹ 200


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