BSNL Revises ISD Tariff for Belgium and Ukraine

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bsnl isd tariff belgium ukraine

BSNL ( Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited ) revised ISD tariff to countries like Ukraine and Belgium. Along with BSNL, all other operators are not earning much for local and STD calls because of the entry of Reliance Jio and its unlimited calls. So telcos are doing some exercise on their international calling plans to offer a reasonable isd tariff for customers. Also, OG charges when roaming in MTNL area are also defined by BSNL for clarity.

Customer can make calls to Ukraine for just Rs. 17. To some parts of Ukraine with area codes 67, 96, 97 and 98, call charges are raised to Rs. 20. Even under MTNL roaming network, call charges are same. ISD calls to any part of Belgium are uniform. Customer will be charged at Rs. 32 per minute under BSNL or MTNL roaming network.

Country Country code Area code Charges in BSNL
n/w (Rs./Min)w.e.f
Charges while
roaming in MTNL
n/w (Rs./Min) w.e.f
Ukraine 380 All others 17 17
Ukraine 380 67,96,97,98 20 20
Belgium 32 All others 32 32
Belgium 32 463 32 32

For local or std calls, BSNL has come up with Rate Cutter STVs, STV 19 and STV 8. Both offer On-net calls at 15 pa / min and Off-net calls at 35 pa / min with Validity of 90 and 30 days respectively. Also BSNL 429 plan offers unlimited calls and data ( daily 1 GB ) for 90 days. It is a decent plan at present.


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