How to Link AADHAAR With BSNL Mobile Number At Home Using OTP

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link aadhaar with bsnl mobile number

Subscribers of all Telecom Operators in India should verify their mobile numbers before 31 March 2018. As part of verification, they should link Aadhaar with BSNL Mobile number. Linking process is simple.

To link Aadhaar with BSNL Mobile Number

BSNL aadhaar verification process is simple. Customer may

  1. Visit BSNL Office with Aadhaar Number
  2. Visit BSNL Portal and use Web based verification
  3. Call an IVRS number and Verify

Visit BSNL Office with Aadhaar Number

Every one's concern is spending time to go to BSNL CSC (Customer Service Center), Verify and Come back. For working persons in cities, it is a tedious job that they can not do. Only in towns, it is easy to go to BSNL offices and link aadhaar with bsnl mobile numbers in just one hour time.

Visit BSNL Portal and use Web based verification

BSNL opened a Web based portal called BSNL Web Portal to link aadhaar to bsnl mobile number online. It is available for NRI(Non Resident Indian)s and Old People.

Call an IVRS number and Verify

This is the option every one likes. Simply call an IVRS number, enter your Aadhaar number, enter OTP and Verify. Let us go step by step.

Step 1:

Call an IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Service) number 14546. This number is toll free. No amount will be cut from your main balance.

Step 2:

Choose your language. Local language, Hindi and English are available for customer convenience.

Step 3:

Choose Indian when asked for.

Step 4:

Give consent to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) for using Aadhaar Verification by your Telecom Provider.

Step 5:

Enter your 12 digit AADHAAR number.

Step 6:

Enter OTP (One time Password) received on the mobile number mentioned in you AADHAAR card.


That is it. You will get a confirmation for successful entry. You will be asked to wait for 48 hours. You will get SMS confirmation once the details match with Aadhaar number. You can even check your already linked mobile number by following these steps. You get confirmation immediately in such cases.

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